Creating a Kitchen for the Kids!

Moving away from the honeymoon days and entering the world of family life where babies are being born and kids are growing up, will definitely have a big effect on your home! The kitchen especially is more often than not the main hub of the house where all the activity and spillages go on. This is why the kitchen essentially needs to be bomb proofed! However, you can still retain that sense of luxury style without feeling a blow to your wallet every time something is broken or stained from the accidents that are bound to happen with children running around.

The gap in the market for durable yet cheap kitchens has been rapidly filled in the last few years, as now retailers and designers are able to source and use cheaper materials which can be disguised to look a lot more expensive... for worn down kitchen units and cupboard doors there is now a huge range available for you to replace them cheaply with and it’s amazing what simply repainting them can also achieve in your home. Following this advice, it’s best to go for materials that you can keep repainting when choosing your kitchen units as this will allow more flexibility as the family grows older and styles will need to change.

To help prevent your own kitchen furniture from general wear and tear from the kids, why not invest in kid’s size furniture in the kitchen for them to get involved with, the furniture is still useful to you but also allows your kids the chance to test out their own cooking skills! It is vitally important that kids learn the basic skill of preparing and cooking food for later life as well.

Simple features in the kitchen such as having a blackboard installed can really be a great help to a family and especially mums and dads who have a million and one to do lists! Blackboards are extremely useful for writing little messages, grocery lists and reminders for your family. They can also look extremely stylish when embedded into other pieces of furniture in your kitchen, for example, the kitchen island can be easily transformed into something a little more exciting for the kids when a blackboard is fitted on to the side of it. Other features such as having one colourful wall amidst a neutral coloured kitchen can really add brightness to the kitchen and colours are a far more interesting to kids, it will help encourage them to spend more time in the kitchen spending family time.

If you already have furniture in your kitchen that you're just not willing to let go of and see get ruined, there are many ways you can protect these and make them more kid friendly. Top end designers have saved their own furniture pieces such as a chair and table set by having slipcovers made from materials they liked to put on them and these have shown to be extremely effective!

It’s important that no matter the design of your kitchen whether it be modern and classy or more of a mash up, that you can appreciate it even with children as nothing lasts forever and you might as well be keen to renovate your kitchen as much as possible by using these cheap tips!

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