A pleasant interior design of apartment

The Brain Factory architectural practice had a work which bringing a pleasant scent to the whole ambiance named the Scent of Garden Apartment. This apartment take its name from the organic touches added to the interior by the Brain Factory architectural practice and it is located in Rome, Italy.

The project has an open layout with the entrance hall, lounge and kitchen areas separated by a luminous sliding door made of glass and there are several chromed niches in the living area for more storage space.
The central pillar stands out due to the rows of grass and the perimeter lights added to attract attention to it even further. The shelving and cabinets have a minimalist geometry and the kitchen hosts a small indoor garden below the window with several spices such as basil or chili available for use. The walls here are covered in vinyl prints and the ceiling brings some additional textural details to the atmosphere with wooden beams an LEDs to highlight them.

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