4 Reasons You Need to Get Your Holiday Supplies Now

The holidays seem to creep up on us earlier and earlier every year. In fact, 73 percent of people surveyed by CreditCards.com said they're annoyed by how early the shopping season is. If you're a planner, that's good news for you because you'll have less people to compete with for holiday specials and deals. If you're not totally convinced that preparing in August is a good idea, here are a few reasons that might change your mind.

It's Less Stressful

According to the same survey, over 50 percent of people finish their holiday shopping in December and another 20 percent in November. If you want to avoid the crowds of people, stressed out cashiers and parking nightmares, start your shopping now. You have plenty of time to get organized and figure out exactly who you need to buy presents for and start brainstorming what to get them. You can wander around the mall, boutiques and even online stores without the stress of the holiday season.

It's Better for Your Budget

The earlier you start shopping, the easier it will be on your budget. You can figure out how much you can spend out of your regular monthly budget for presents and avoid the extra financial stress of spending a lot on gifts and decorations all in one month. Plus, you won't fall victim to seasonal markups on everything from clothes to gadgets to decor. Starting this early even gives you time to set up alerts for the best deals on items you want and to look for early-bird specials and coupons.

It Gives You Plenty of Time

If you love holiday crafts, this is your year to go big. You have plenty of time before the season begins to find a few projects, get your supplies and get to work. Make an entire winter village to surround the Christmas tree in your living room, or make custom wreaths for every upcoming holiday for the rest of the year. Again, starting early helps you avoid the stress of the last-minute rush and the enormous upcharge on supplies. Whether you want to spend the next couple months creating a giant masterpiece project or a bunch of little ones, you have plenty of time to work out all the kinks to create a festive environment.

It Lets You Search for the Best Items

If you start looking for your holiday supplies now, you have the entire season to search for and find the best items. You can find that beautiful Christmas tablecloth you've been dreaming of with all the place settings and centerpieces to match. You can find just the right ornaments for your tree and the best background for your holiday cards. You can set up alerts on your favorite stores' websites to see when they get new products in stock and buy them at the right price. You don't have to endure the mad rush along with all the other procrastinators and settle for whatever is left. You have options, so take advantage of it.

While it might seem crazy to start looking for your holiday supplies months in advance, there are so many benefits. Giving yourself time is good for your health, wallet and holiday season.

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