Transforming a mid-century home into a contemporary space by the H3K Design studio

 The Laverne 2 is project created by the H3K Design studio to transform a mid-century home into a contemporary space which still evokes the charm of the 1950s and 60s in Palm Springs, California.

With the help of Howard Hawkes and Kevin Kemper who specialize in the renovation of Palm Springs homes, the Laverne 2 was revamped and the overall redesign took seven months. There are four bedrooms and three elegant bathrooms set in a home with a more open layout that was achieved through the rebuilding of some of the walls.
The cool and minimalist aesthetic is suitable for the warm climate and the designers wanted to embed some of the Palm Springs trends into the ambiance so the bathroom have a wall to wall niche in each shower to act as a signature element and there are custom welded steel beams integrated into the wall with cabinets that allow the kitchen island to float.

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