The Chalet Lac Champlain in Quebec surrounded by peaceful forested landscape

Situated near the poetic Lake Champlain, in Quebec, a beautiful province in east-central Canada, this contemporary private residence named Chalet Lac Champlain was envisioned by href="">Boom Town as a highlight of the natural surroundings: “The vertical circulation in the cottage creates views both on the cliff, on which the building almost leans, and the lake; thinly veiled by tree trunks.Structured with three floors, the Chalet Lac Champlain boasts generous sliding doors to keep a permanent connection to the striking outdoors as well as invite natural light and delicious green views into the home. 

The landscape is composed of two plateaus separated by a 10 meters sheer cliff and of a gentle slope access to the lake; a rare privilege for this area. This landform offers a wonderful sight line to the west facing this vast lake.”, explained the architects.

In addition, “Two large terraces, on the superior level on the south side allow the occupants to live in the landscape and to pursue their contemplation. 

Those terraces induce segmentation of the volumes already separated by a subtle offset between the south, north and central parts (where the stairs are). This play in the volume is accentuated by color variation or by installing wooded covering.

Photographed by Angus McRitchie

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