Edera: a striking decorative modular system by Formabilio

Visualized by the talented Italian designer Loris De Grandi and produced by Formabilio, this striking decorative modular system named Edera is a simple but effective choice for decorating our home. Edera is formed by rhomboid elements which can flexibly grow and evolve in many ways, from a soft carpet to a headboard for beds and sofas. 

The base element includes two equilateral triangles with soft padding and fluffy felt with contrast stitching and non-slip bottom. 

The Velcro strips along the sides of the triangle allow a fast and intuitive connection between the modules, ensuring a perfect seal in the carpet version, while the practical snap buttons allow you to create compositions to be hung on the ceiling or fixed to the wall. 

The strength of this furniture is the customization factor, freedom of interaction that let the users compose the modules according to their tastes and needs, creating original surfaces, stylish and ready to be changed at any time. 

The possibilities are endless and the various color merges can lead to dynamic interiors filled with personality.”, explained the designer.

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