Burglar-Proofing Your Home from the Outside

Home security can often be an element that is overlooked and mainly considered for the inside of the home. Whilst ensuring your home is safe and secure on the inside is really important, it’s just as important to ensure the safety is carried through to the garden, as this can often be a starting point for any burglars targeting your home. Making sure both your interiors and exteriors are safe and secure will enable you to rest assured that your home is as burglar-proof as possible.

Install Sensor Lighting

One of the most obvious yet surprisingly forgotten features to any garden security is motion lighting. Motion or sensor lighting is ideal for adding extra security to your garden, especially through those wintery months. The lighting will help a great deal when used in areas that may have extra foliage or built up hedges. If you look into your garden and cannot see a certain area, this is an indicator to you that you may need to add some motion lighting to ensure that if needed, you can see exactly what is going on in your garden at all times. When the lights are detected, you can set them to stay on for 2 to 30 seconds, dependant on where they are and how practical that is for you. If the motion is no longer picked up then the light will automatically switch off, however, if there is something there and it does not leave the area, the lights will stay on and you’ll be able to see exactly what has set the sensor off. As a result of this, motion lighting works as a very, very good deterrent, as potential burglars will become spooked and leave the area immediately.

Add Fences or a Wall

Whilst fences are ideal for privacy within your garden, they also work very well as keeping unwanted people or animals out of your garden. By surrounding your garden with strong fencing or a built up wall, you can create a difficult obstacle for the potential burglars which will hopefully prevent them from being able to enter your garden. The fencing needs to be strong, however, as that will prevent anyone from being able to break it down in order to gain access to your garden. When it comes to the top of your fencing, you’re best to go with a design that causes problems for anyone who tries to climb it. Picket fencing or fencing with a pointy or sharp top is ideal, as this is really difficult to climb and would be even more of an issue when trying to climb in the dark!

If you choose to put a gate in your garden leading from the front to the back, you should invest in a locking mechanism. Ensuring you can lock your gate is important as otherwise the burglar won’t need to worry about climbing the fence as they’ll have instant access through your garden gate. You can find all kinds of really effective locking mechanisms, from the traditional padlock to a simple latch that cannot be opened unless you’re inside the garden. You can then invest in locks with a key, which may cost a little extra but will really ensure nobody can enter your garden when you don’t want them too!

Protect Your Belongings

The garden can be a great place for social gatherings and get-togethers, and often you find yourself purchasing some stylish outdoor seating, tables and even features such as fire pits or fancy umbrellas. These belongings are all great and so beneficial to have, however they can also be seen as an invitation to the garden by a burglar, as they may see enough money in your garden furnishings to not even need to enter your house! The last thing you want is to attract the attention of any burglars by having fancy items left outdoors overnight, so making sure expensive items are stored away in the garage or storage areas overnight or when not in use is essential. Another key thing to consider is where you position your outdoor items. Items such as ladders, seats, steps or even bins should never be stored next to your fencing. This can, without noticing, create a step or easy access point for burglars as they climb your fence, so don’t make things easier for them!

Make them Aware

Burglars often assess somewhere before they choose to target. This is because they’ll need to know they’re not walking into a garden or home that is going to illuminate and alarm, exposing who they are. Investing in an alarm system is really important, as not only will it let you know when something isn’t quite right, but it will also show any potential burglars that you have the system fitted and they have no chance of getting into your home without sounding the alarm!

Don’t Forget to Check

It’s usually the same routine for each homeowner, checking all doors and windows to ensure that they are locked or closed. It can often be an easy thing to overlook however, especially if your home has a few residents and each are coming and going at different times. Making sure your door locks, sliding door locks, window locks and even back door locks are in full working order and locked will really help make sure nobody can enter your home without permission. Closing curtains is another helpful thing to do, as you’re preventing anyone from the outside looking in!

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