Admiring an architecture work designed by the artist Laurie Frick and KRBD

The artist Laurie Frick has collaborate with the KRBD architecture to design the Frick Residence. This architecture combines a single bedroom and two bathroom home with a home studio located in Barton Heights, Austin, Texas. The site had the original home relocated and a Diadora Cypress tree hindered the use of the front side, while the back side left sufficient room for a swimming pool and the existing oak tree. The structure is created with 16’ steel bars wrapped in a SIP cowl and this was clad in tiger wood sides that permit glazing in the home as well as a stucco facing at the studio.
The access to the home is done via a path with concrete paves sitting atop the landscape with the carport also accessible via this walkway and this area is decorated with raised planters. The interior begins with a large foyer acting as a gallery space for the art collection and book collection of the owners as well as a large collection or rugs.

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