Luxurious, elegant and beautiful interior design apartment of Kelley Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen, the British interior design tried to create a space that is representative of her good taste and style exposing a part of her own personality into the Nanfung Developments project which consists of two luxury apartments in Hong Kong.
There are two spaces in her design with very different design but which both feature plenty of elegance and beauty. Some of the furnishings were also created by the designer to fit the interior ambiance perfectly and one example of this is the coffee table in the living room which combines with the black ottomans, the chandelier and the silver studs to offer an impacting and rich visual experience.

The idea for the design came from the location of the apartments and the designer wanted a fusion between the oriental and the occidental styles without forgetting about functionality in the process. Although the predominant colors are neutral there are some warmer tones when the space asks for them and the floors are black to add extra elegance and accentuate the texture of the carpets. 

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