Get to the Root of Your Property's Pigeon Issues

You own or manage a stunning apartment building complex or condominium that you know is doing great business. You also know that when clients buy this kind of beautiful apartment with an amazing view that overlooks the city, especially in an urban center, where real estate prices are high and maintenance is costly, the very last thing they want to see is pigeon droppings all over their balcony or courtyard.

The fact is that pigeons are extremely well-adapted creatures. The reason they proliferate even in urban areas, which may not seem too hospitable to wild bird populations, is because they’ve learned how to ingest scraps, fight off diseases caught from vermin, and breed incessantly to grow their own numbers. Rather than being stupid, as the term “birdbrain” suggests, they are surprisingly intelligent, and have been shown in tests and experiments to be able to organize pebbles by colour, shape, and size when trained. They’ve also been used throughout human civilization as letter carriers, and fancy pigeons have been bred to develop unique and astonishing physical qualities like large feathers, bushy tails, and so on.

Now, while all this doesn’t necessarily mean that you want them damaging your property, annoying your clients, or causing mayhem in large flocks, it does mean that they deserve respect and humane treatment. To get rid of your issues once and for all in the most humane way possible, look into bird control services with Pigeon Busters, because they have years of experience as specialists in this field.

Some of the ways that professionals will handle your problem is by strategically, professionally, and carefully installing one or more of the following options:
  • Nets that deter the birds
  • Spikes that keep them from landing
  • Bird-friendly glass
  • Electrical tracks
  • Wires
Because they’re trained to develop the ability to keep birds safe while making it impossible for them to roost on your property, Pigeon Busters are ideal. It could be netting or glass that will fix your problem, but there are more solutions to choose from. Today, there are actually architects and designers who work in tandem with bird control services to design and build structures with the population’s habits in mind. Instead of building ledges into every level of windows in a high rise, or creating tons of glass surfaces for birds to fly into, Pigeon Busters comes up with custom solutions to address the issues at its root. It is not only possible, but preferable, to create beautiful buildings with active architecture that provide bird intervention while making the lives of residents and employees easier.

When you begin to take notice of the pigeons around you, be sure to study the cause of the entire problem rather than only its symptoms, and remember that an issue like this is best taken care of immediately, before the birds get out of control and become even more difficult to manage.

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