4 Simple But Brilliant Home Security Ideas

Nothing is worse than returning home from work, a day out or a vacation to find that your living space has been ransacked. Not only do you have to face the issues of replacing all of your stolen property, but you have to deal with the psychological impact that accompanies any burglary. It’s an unpleasant experience, so you should be doing everything you can to ensure it doesn’t happen to you and your family. Here are some very simple ideas that will help you protect your property from thieves.

Locks and windows

Let’s start with the very basics. Good habits can often bring about the best results when it comes to home security, so always make sure you are keeping your doors and windows locked whenever possible. Burglaries are usually spontaneous crimes, so the least encouragement a potential criminal has, the better. Open windows and doors will invite trouble eventually, so try and keep them shut as much as possible.

Tidy gardens

Another simple home security idea is to keep your garden tidy. If you leave tools or heavy objects lying all over the place, they are easy to pick up and put through a window. The same goes for bulky children’s toys. Make sure that you clear up your garden as soon as you have finished using it if you don’t want to encourage a break in. If you have a shed or garage, use them to store your equipment away out of sight, and also make sure you have an effective lock. Garden storage locations are particularly vulnerable. Many a thief has made a few hundred bucks from selling on expensive tools that kept in unlocked or poorly secured sheds.

Motion sensor lighting

Put yourself in a burglar’s shoes for just a second. It’s pitch black, and you think you have a lot of cover up a long driveway. You get closer and closer to the window that you intend to break in, and all of a sudden a motion sensor triggers off the lights. Do you carry on? No, of course, you don’t. Outside lighting increases the chances of being seen, and the sudden contrast between dark and light will be a shock. Sometimes, that shock is all you need to scare off all but the hardiest criminal.

Modern security technology

Most houses these days have some kind of alarm system installed. But modern technology is providing some amazing upgrades that are affordable for more people than ever before. You can pick up voice recognition locks for you apartment, for example, or completely wireless video systems. Not so long ago these kinds of security systems were only available for the very wealthy or corporate businesses, but now things are different. Your local electrician union should be able to talk you through some of your options. If you want peace of mind and a more secure home, then technology really is offering you the chance to make it so.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at some very simple and affordable ways of making your home more secure. We’d love to hear from you if you have any other tips - so don’t be shy and let us know.

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