Great Reasons to Install Underfloor Heating in Your Home

Almost everyone needs to heat their home. Even if you live in a very warm part of the world, there can be cool evenings and mornings when you need some extra warmth. But heating systems can be very annoying when you're trying to design a beautiful home. You don't want radiators and heaters throwing off the flow of your interior design, but you still need to keep the house warm. Underfloor heating could be the perfect solution for design-conscious homeowners who don't want to feel the chill. It's hidden out of sight and provides effective heating for the whole room. Here are some great reasons to consider underfloor heating instead of other heating methods.

Out of Sight

Do you find yourself getting frustrated with your current heating system? Having to paint around radiators or fit your design around an ugly space heater you haven't got rid of yet can be annoying. Underfloor heating does exactly what it sounds like, which is hide away under the floor. You can put your heating out of sight, but it won't be out of mind. Despite being unable to see it, you'll still feel its warming effects.

A Choice of Floors

Choosing underfloor heating doesn't mean you're limited to having one special material for your floor. You can choose between several materials to create a beautiful floor, and no one will ever guess what lies beneath. Solid materials are best for conducting heat from your radiant heating, so people often choose to use stone or wooden floors. A beautiful granite or even marble floor is perfect for having over underfloor heating. Different types of wood work well too, for a floor that looks and feels warm. Bamboozle has a good guide here that explains the advantages of hardwood and bamboo flooring for underfloor heating.

Effective Heating

If your home is currently heated by radiators, you might find that it isn't as warm as you want it to be. Radiators have to rely on their heat spreading around the rest of the room from a localized area, which can be difficult. It's easy for the heat from radiators to quickly dissipate, moving upward and away from the area you're trying to heat. With underfloor heating, the heat spreads evenly across the room to heat a larger area. On top of that, it runs at a lower temperature to radiators, which could save you money on your energy bills.

Easy Installation

Another great bonus of underfloor heating is that it's easy for you to install yourself. You don't have to hire a professional to come and put it in. There are lots of videos online as well as articles that can explain to you how to put your underfloor heating in on your own. Your heating system could be electric or water-based. You can install electric systems yourself, but you need a plumber if your system uses water. However, make sure you use an electrician to hook your electric system up to the main electricity supply.

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