Common Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Plenty of things could go wrong with your door, whether it's the front door, bedroom door, patio door or storm door. Luckily, a lot of door problems can be fixed very easily and you don't actually need to call in a specialist to help you with the problem. Any serious problems can be dealt with easily by an expert, and companies such as offer a wide range of services to help you out if you're a homeowner. Here are some common door problems and what you can do to fix them or ease the problem.

The door seems to be coming off

This happens a lot inside houses, but is much less common with outside doors. However, if the doors inside your house seem to be loose and coming off the door frame, it's most likely that it's been knocked, slammed or pushed and the screws have become loose. In order to do this, open the door and check the hinges, when you look at the screws, you'll be able to tell if they're loose or not. If they are, simply get a screwdriver and screw them back in until they're tight. Try opening and closing the door a couple of times and you should notice a big difference.

The door always hits the wall

If your door is constantly hitting the wall, it will start to remove the paint or wallpaper from the wall and will also leave a horrible mark. Since no homeowner wants to deal with this, there's a very simply solution – get a door stop! Door stops can be purchased extremely cheap from home ware stores or superstores, and if you don't have the chance to go out and buy one just yet, you can use anything behind your door in order to stop it hitting the wall. Use a cardboard box full of objects, a pair of boots or a weighted item that will stay in place behind the door. This is also a good tip to use if the door is opening and banging into other things, such as a table or piano.

The door is squeaky

This is a very simple job that a bit of oil of WD-40 will solve in a matter of minutes. Whether it's a squeaky outside door or inside door (or even a car door!), apply a little bit of oil on an old cloth or rag and listen to the sound completely disappear. Squeaky doors can become quite a problem if you're trying to be quiet during the later hours or people are asleep in the house, so solving this problem quickly can stop the problem getting worse and prevent other members of the household from getting more annoyed!

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