Comete jewelry store design in Milan, Italy by Studio Apostoli

Located in Milan, Italy the Comete Jewelry store is te wonderful design of Studio Apostoli- a studio famous for store design. Comete Jewelry is also the famous store which represented for the brand Comete. This store is inspired from the motto of the company “Romanticamente schierati” (lined up in a romantic way) when they chose a combination of styles to encapsulate both feelings and emotions and reasons and rationality into one big design. The design does have an impact if you take into consideration the sale point area that is illuminated by led circular display windows that have three different dimensions. The mixture of feelings versus reason can be perceived when the light of the backdrop changes,offering a visual contrast with the overall design.

The colour of the lights also differs from season to season or if there is any special occasion for example a holiday or a thematic day-the lights are changed fitting the situation. We really enjoyed the idea the designers had when creating the Comete store.What do you think of it?

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