Fun Rooms: How to Design a the Greatest Entertainment and Game Room

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Every house needs at least one special place to retreat and relax and just be yourself. For many couples or families, this special space is in the game or entertainment room. While the living room usually becomes a great hang out spot, too, the entertainment area has the freedom to feel cozy whereas your living room tends to greet guests and remain more orderly. Whether it is primarily the place you gather to enjoy movies and shows or it is a sort of den for hanging out, talking and planning an epic game night, a fun room should be a priority in your home layout.

Start with a Brainstorm

Fun rooms should “take a cue from your favorite activities” and hobbies, writes Before picking out the furniture, consider what your household enjoys doing together and what activities need a special space. Often, incorporating your family’s unique personality not only makes the home more functional, it also adds a special tailored element that stands out and says “we live here.”


Most houses don’t have the square footage to designate one room to every activity. So why not combine spaces and maximize utility in your home. A flexible design can include multiple activities in one fluid design. For instance, a ping pong table might retract to fit in a corner of the room while bean bags stored beneath slide out for extra comfy seating during movie night.

Orient specific corners of the room for table seating for cards, a foosball or pool table, and an entertainment center with plenty of storage for game consuls and DVDs. Consider moveable seating in order to change up the order of the room from theater style seating facing the wall to game playing seating in a circle. This will make the room ready for whatever you decide to do. Rather than relegating the entire area into a theater room, shoot for something in between like a media room.

Also, think about detached areas, such as a backyard barn or garage that might be converted into extra space. Using a garage or barn can even add the fun detail or being a getaway or escape room from the busy everyday life that happens in the main house.

Hook Up to Entertainment

One key aspect of almost any entertainment or game space is the television. Typically, families want their screen big and their channel selection even larger. Start by deciding on a flat screen or a projector which can roll up to take the focus off the television when the room is being used for other activities. If your theme is an old style theater, you might even hand red velvet curtains against the TV wall to hide the electronics at similar times.

Next, determine what channels you need. There are many different plans from direct TV and other providers that offer depth of programming at affordable prices so you will have extra room in the budget to accessorize the rest of your room.

When designing your entertainment room, don’t be afraid to marry function and flexibility with unique style. With these creative strategies, you can create the ultimate hang out space for movies, games and more.

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