Decorating your home by nature material

If you’ve ever desired to be in a country home where you could have a direct contact with nature, you should take a look at Lilla Torpet. This home was re-designed by owner and  head of Ikea in Spain, Lorenzo Meazza.

During a short stay in Sweden, he became fond of the Swedish culture, traditions, and the cool natural environment of the Nordic forest. Even though he worked in the city, he constantly sought for a pristine, remote place where he could easily relax and connect with nature. He finally found Lilla Torpet – which means cottage – a rear gem hidden in a lush Swedish forest.
Amazingly, this remodeled home was originally constructed in the latter part of the eighteenth century. Several generations of farmers have lived in this home, with little modification. But Meazza was the one who added electricity, water and a modern bathroom. He renovated the house using a combination of three inspiring colors: beige, snow white and a unique teal tone. These colors are commonly used to paint furniture in this area. They transmit vibrant energy. He also placed a mirror in a strategic position that reflects the forest.

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