Attractive contemporary interior from a cozy home in Russia

 Boris Lvovsky had designed this sleek apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia and transformed it from a warehouse into a cozy home.
This home attractive by its contemporary interior with creative illumination fixture and spots of colors. The open floor layout has the pipelines left exposed for a more industrial vibe and the white paint on the pipes reduce the impact to permit a better cohesion with the black array of light fixtures. The different areas were separated through the addition of an industrial shipping container with a bright red exterior that stands out in the otherwise neutrally tones space as the main attraction of the apartment.
The bedroom has a platform bed with soft rocks surrounding it and a source of light below it combined with a lot of wooden textures for an ambiance reminiscent of Zen meditation spots. Another interesting feature here is the choice of glass walls for the bedroom instead of solid ones but they can change from transparent to opaque to ensure the needed privacy.

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