A vivacious and brilliant modern home in the lovelu city of Brescia, Italy

Located in the lovely city of Brescia, Italy is II Tempo Ritrovato - an vivacious and brilliant modern home laced with eclectic beauty and vintage charm!
This ingenious residence was once a convent that was carefully restored and converted into its present glorious form by the creative folk at Claudia Pelizzari Interior Design

 Bringing the past and the present together in a truly captivating fashion, the house uses decor in diverse styles ranging from contemporary and Asian to midcentury, vintage and even salvaged! It is this imaginative approach towards eclectic design that turns a seemingly mundane, old structure into an inviting, fun and exciting home that showcases the personality of its own and their wide art collection. Classics such as the Eames lounger and the Artemide Nesso lamp in the living room and Tulip tables and chairs in the dining room ensure that everything looks both curated and classy despite the invigorating mash up of styles.

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