3 Garden Shed Ideas That Will Kill It In Your Back Garden

If you’re looking to give your garden a boost, you must consider a garden shed. What’s great about sheds is that there are lots of different styles available. Here are three amazing garden shed ideas:

Barn Style Shed

A popular choice for many people is to build a barn style shed. This is when you build your garden shed entirely out of barn wood. When everything is put together, it will look like you have a mini barn in your backyard. The key to making a shed like this look good lies in the wood. You need good stuff so it stands strong and lasts a very long time. It might be an idea to visit the supplier of the best reclaimed barn wood in North America: Barnstormerswood. This way, you’ll be getting barn wood that you know will stand the test of time.

Also, think about the colour of your barn style shed. There are lots of different shades of wood to pick from, or you could use spray paint to give a unique colour finish. A shed in this style will look very rustic and quite old school. It’s especially good for people living out in the country.

Ultra Modern Shed

If you’ve got a new-build home, then it makes sense to have a new-build garden shed too. You can create a shed that looks ultra modern and awesome. There are loads of different materials you can use to make your shed look contemporary. Some people opt for wood but use laminate sheets to coat the wood so it doesn’t look so rustic. Others will have the body made out of laminate plastic or metal sheets. Then, of course, you have a roof made out of something modern like zinc.

One of the biggest differences will be the shape of your modern shed. Most other sheds will follow a similar pattern. They’ll essentially look like a mini house with their cubed body and sloping roof. With an ultra modern shed, the style will look a lot more like a cube. The roof won’t be sloped, it will be straight so the shed looks like a giant box. This is a very modern look and will stand out in your garden.

Brickwork Shed

My final option here is a brickwork shed. You can probably already picture what I’m talking about here. It’s a garden shed made from bricks and cement, with a nice sloping tiled roof. I find this style to be very appealing in more ways than one. It almost sits on the middle ground between the previous two. It’s not as rustic as a barn style shed, yet not as modern as the other one. It fits perfectly in between the two styles, which makes it ideal for almost any garden.

Also, the brickwork can be done using different shades of brick and you could even try and create a pattern with your brick placements. Plus, it’s guaranteed to last a very long time and isn’t difficult to build all by yourself.

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