Light wood with the illumination interior creates unique feeling of Bangkok restaurant

Bangkok is famous by the beauty of nature and it becomes a great place for visit. It means there are many restaurants to meet the demand of the visitors.
Located in Bangkok, Thailand this restaurant offers an original design that tries to offer glimpses of an artist’s life by using pieces of his work as a part of the interior.The project was designed by the metaphor architectural practice and it uses color, light and geometry to transform the space into a creative hub flooded with paintings, music scores, literary texts and musical instruments to inspire and push the visitors toward creation.
 The central element of the interior is an open cooking table that invites the clients to interact with the cooks and also to see the preparation of the dishes in real time. The restaurant has 52 seats and the space is flexible to be organized for various events such as private parties through the use of a large curtain to provide some privacy.The main material is light wood and with the aid of the illumination it makes the interior even warmer and cozier.

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