History of Antique Fireplaces Infographic

Homeowners often decide to introduce antique design features into their property. Whether it is to retain a part of the original home design, as is the case in older period properties, or to introduce a new centrepiece in a contemporary property, it is always worth putting a bit of effort into researching the time period that you are aiming to emulate.

Whilst there are a variety of ways that you can introduce antique design to your home, a fireplace is one of the best. The below infographic, provided by Thornhill Galleries, explains the history of antique fireplaces. It explains the kinds of architecture you can expect to see throughout the centuries and can be an instrumental tool in helping you choose the right period piece for your home. Whether you are looking to add a touch of the Renaissance to your home, or prefer the Pompeii inspired Georgian look, this infographic explains these designs and more. Which one will you choose?

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