St Basil’s Cathedral: Stunning Architecture And Modern Romance

In the heart of Moscow’s Red Square, is one of the most impressive buildings in Europe. Unsurprisingly, the building is a religious one. Many religious buildings are rich with architectural wonders and details. The structure, which I am talking about, is St Basil's Cathedral. The Russians opened the cathedral way back in 1561, and since then the building has held center stage in the city.

St Basil's took six years to build

The cathedral took builders six years to complete. Experts believe that there were plans for the structure up to a decade before people begun to build it. As you can see, the building looks quite romantic against the backdrop of the Moscow skyline. Many people have commented on the unusual structure itself. The building has a lot in common with many traditional eastern buildings, and so looks bizarre to the rest of Europe. In fact, many buildings in Russia took on this style, and so the cathedral suits the city well.

The cathedral was a work in progress

When the officials opened the building back in the 1500's, it was not the magnificent thing that you can see today. In fact, the architectural structure looked quite dull with few colors and decorations. Over the 200 years following the building's opening, designers and builders continued to work on it. The wide variety of colors, which you can see right now, came as later additions to the building. Each year, different workers would add a new dimension to the building until it emerged as the glorious structure it is today.

Stalin wanted to destroy it

During WW2, Stalin had plans to destroy the cathedral. As it turned out, the building was in an inconvenient position for him. He wanted to march people right through the center of the city, and the structure was in the way of his plans. According to Russian legend, one architect stood in the way of Stalin. The passionate man stopped him from ruining what is now one of the country's beloved attractions. That in itself is lucky for the people of Moscow, who adore the cathedral.

Constant maintenance is essential

As with any old building, it is crucial that experts take their time to restore the structure continually. Over time, the foundations of any building become weaker and weaker. That means that there is always an ongoing project to keep the building safe. If you want to know more about foundations, visit where there are useful facts. Over the last 100 years, people have developed ingenious ways to take care of aging buildings. The new advancements in technology mean that people can restore structures.

The building has a secret staircase

Back in the 1970's, people found a massive surprise inside the cathedral. While they were working on the structure, they found that there was a hidden spiral staircase inside it. Now, the stairs are part of the attraction for many visitors, who want to come to see the spectacular building in all its glory. Experts have many theories about the hidden stairs, but no one knows the reason for this little gem. Old structures often have hidden rooms and staircases, and so experts are always pleased to find them.

Architects took inspiration from Jerusalem

Many experts believe that the building's architects took inspiration from Jerusalem. When the specialists were designing the building, experts believe, they incorporated lots of themes. One such theme was that of the birth of Christ, which is fitting for such an extravagant cathedral. People have commented that the style of the building mimics buildings in Jerusalem. Some people even think that the structure is a copy of an original building in the region.

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