Modern but vernacular features create the beauty of this house

Combination between modern and vernacular element into a balanced setting is the feature of The Casa Costa Azul near San Salvador, El Salvador project. This feature is also a ideal for the temperate climate of the coast, allowing the inhabitants to take advantage of the beautiful weather and maintain constant visual connection with the beach. The project was designed by the Cincopatasalgato architectural practice with a thatched roof and timber pylons in the center, to connect with the open courtyard from the living area and kitchen.
The center of the roof has a large skylight and the other sides are enclosed to ensure the privacy needed in the bedrooms without hindering their capacity to access the gardens directly.
The closed living area is the contemporary part of the project with a timber frame and a glass façade so that the best of each style is brought into the mix for a well balanced and highly comfortable tropical setting.

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