How to Downsize for Your Move to Montreal

If you’ve decided to purchase one of the amazing condos in Montreal, it’s likely that you’ll be faced with the challenge of downsizing. Being a popular city where space is at a premium, condos tend to be smaller than they are in more rural locations. However, fear not. Although downsizing can be an emotional task, we are here to help make the job easier. Keep reading for some tips on how to downsize for your move to Montreal.

Start Early

As soon as you have decided to move to Montreal, it’s time to start sorting through your belongings. If you leave everything until a few weeks before, you’ll find that you have too much on your plate, and will start feeling stressed. When you feel stressed, you won’t be in the right mindset to sort through your stuff, and you may end up giving up and taking everything to your new apartment. Start early to avoid this type of problem.

Start with the Attic, Basement and Spare Bedroom

The attic, basement and spare bedroom are likely to be the areas of your current home where a lot of items are stored. If you haven’t used these items in the last few months, it’s likely that you don’t need them. As you go through these rooms, pack them into different piles; you could have a pile of items you are going to sell, a pile of items you are going to donate, and a pile of items you are going to give to friends or family. Clear those items out of your home so you can’t change your mind, and then make a start on the other rooms in your home.

Involve Your Family

You may have lots of your child’s old school books stored in the loft, or their camp uniforms from when they were a teenager. Ask your child if he/she still wants them keeping, and if not get rid of them. If they do want them, ask them to keep them at their house. Some of these items may hold sentimental value so do make sure to ask family members first.

Vision Your New Home

If you have floor plans or photographs of your new home, you can start to imagine where items of furniture will be placed, and how your new home will look. Items that were custom made, or specifically purchased for your current home, may not look so great in your condo. Storing large item in a storage facility whilst you decide what to do can be costly, so try and sell or donate any items that won’t fit into your condo before you move.

Consider the Cost of Shipping

If you’re struggling to decide whether to take an item with you or leave it behind, consider the cost of shipping it to your destination. Large, bulky items may cost a lot to ship, so consider selling them and using the money you make to buy something new that is more suitable for your new home. Don’t feel under pressure to give everything away. If you start sorting out your possessions early, you should have everything sorted before the big moving day.

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