Designer tips for your first home – Make the best out of your money

There are millions of Americans who dream of buying their home and realizing their wish of becoming a homeowner. Gone are the days of staying in a rental home and counting a fixed amount of money every month for the renter. If you have saved enough money in your bank and if you think that it is time to get a home loan, that is perhaps the best decision that you can make. And if you are someone who has already bought a home, are you considering some tips and ideas for decorating your first home in the best possible manner? If answered yes, you can take into account the tips mentioned below. Some of the hottest interior designers of America have shared their thoughts and ideas. Take a look.

1. Opt for infinity and expand your horizons: 

If you wish to make a room appear larger, you can use a round shaped rug on the floor. The circle usually represents infinity and will bring the idea of no boundaries into reality as a visual piece. Apart from creating the perception of enough space, if you place a round ottoman, this will also offer you a panoramic view of the beautiful Virginia countryside. Hence, for getting the feeling of more space, you can place a rug and an ottoman.

2. Open up and live large: 

If you open up an enclosed staircase, this can create options for displaying some of the most beautiful things that you have recently bought. If you remove the walls that run from ceiling to floor, which encases the staircase, this can add an architectural look to your living space. If the kitchen is attached there, you can also get a greater sense of kitchen.

3. Sunrooms should look sunny: 

Sunrooms should always have a feeling of openness and they should always be bathed in enough light. You should not ever think of obscuring the views with curtains, particularly when it is a sunroom with windows on three sides of the room. You can keep a warm ivory palette as this reflects light beautifully. The addition of glass is wonderful as it usually sparkles in the light.

4. Do your math appropriately: 

Chandeliers are always tricky to figure out as they are hanging in the middle of the room with no specific point of reference. Always take the width of the room in feet, then double the number and convert that to inches. The answer that you get should be the minimum dimension for the diameter of the chandelier. Also make sure that the chandelier does not hang too low over your dining table. Hence, if you’re wondering about the ways for interior decoration to look good in your room, you can take into account the above mentioned ideas and tips.

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