A welcoming atmosphere and sanctuary in an apartment interior

The Barra I Funda apartment was designed by Kwartet Arquitetura in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
With the requirement of client for a space with 2 kids and parent, the owner want this apartment should have class="entry-content">a welcoming atmosphere, but since they are used to travel a lot, they want this place to act as a sanctuary as well.
The living room has a special area called the “travel corner” where the couple can exhibit the things they brought home from their trips. The ceiling seems high because the designers interfered with the upper door, making it higher. All the finishes and woodwork were also designed by the people from Kwartet Arquitetura.

The warm contrast is rendered by the differences between the Tauari flooring and the home theater panel that is made of wood and the bar table that has a bright yellowish hue and the gray buffet lacquer. The style of the pieces of furniture is mixed,in this home you can find both contemporary and classic pieces of furniture.
The headboard is upholstered with linen and sconces are fixed on its surface. There is also a white and golden wallpaper in the same room and it contrasts with the dark blinds.


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