Office design ideas for Flamingo Group in Shanghai

The Flamingo Group is a leading global insight and strategic consultancy company and they commissioned the Neri&Hu architectural practice to transform an industrial roof space into their new headquarters in Shanghai.
The project has several shapes that resemble housing units placed into the landscape with concrete platforms to break the minimalism of the volume and the roof has more than a single vantage point so that it can be seen from multiple levels.
 a hidden room set between several larger ones to provide a reflection haven for the employees.
 The aesthetic approach started from Gaston Bachelard’s idea that the house is a dwelling for the psyche with the cellar acting as its subconscious and the attic being the rational ego. The rooms were divided through one-way mirrors with different glass types to create a slight discomfort since you can become the observer or the one who is seen, so that a complex system of voyeurism defines the entire office space.
The attic has a narrow staircase leading to a small mezzanine level with

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