Exterior and interior design of Coach flagship store in Tokyo

Recently, the luxury handbag brand of Coach has opened a new flagship store on the prominent retail corridor Omotesando in Tokyo, Japan.
The new space was brilliantly designed by the architect Shohei Shigematsu and the architectural practice OMA with a façade that features 210 stacked translucent display boxes that are placed in a herringbone pattern and which host the brand’s products in this original way. Another interesting element is the floating tower with 105 illuminated acrylic units encasing the central stair that leads to the upper level. These two elements have two important purposes, firstly surrounding the visitors with the Coach products and also freeing floor space.
From the exterior the storefront with a double height allows the entire Coach collection to be encompassed with a single view and each product gets its own framing. From the inside the translucent walls of act as a filter from the exterior and place the Coach products through each side surrounding the clients with them.
The circulation tower also provides illumination and permits the façade to attract attention even during the nighttime. The visually impressive way that the products are placed manages to envision perfectly the Coach ideal of “logic and magic”.

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