5 Tips to Help You Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof

Getting a new roof is not only expensive, it is one of the most expensive home repairs. But what could be a more necessary home repair than maintaining a roof over your head? One way of avoiding unnecessary expense is to ensure your roof is in permanently in a good condition. So why not do all you can to ensure your roof lasts longer? A few easy steps are guaranteed to save you money and prolong the lifespan the most important part of your house. Keep reading to find out more.

1) Check for Problems Regularly

A simple one to start - get up on that ladder and check for damage frequently. This is especially important after high winds, storms and heavy rain or hail. Principally look out for cracks around openings, seals and loose tiles. Be sure to check thoroughly, as small problems grow into much larger, and much more expensive problems.

2) Clean Your Gutters

Now is the most important time of year to clean out your gutters. Gutters are pivotally important to the longevity of your roof, so make sure water is taking the correct path, and is not being blocked by moss, fallen leaves and other gutter invaders. Experts advise you clean your gutters twice annually, but why not have a look at them once a month, or combine it with other gardening tasks? Cleaning your gutters can only take a few minutes and is a job that is definitely worth remembering.

3) Breaching Branches

Are there many overhanging branches nearby which could cause problems for your roof? If anything is within touching distance, it's a good idea to trim it back before problems arise. Not only do they drop twigs and leaves, they are a hazard in storms as they could fall directly onto your roof.

4) Check for Algae, Mildew and Moss

Moss is a common enemy for roofers as it traps moisture and, when it gets its claws in, is tricky to remove. Pressure washing is a sure way to banish unwanted growths on your roof, but caution is advised; either wash on the lowest setting or call in a professional.

5) Don't Walk on the Wild Side

Although it may be tempting at times, walking on your roof causes incredible amounts of damage (to both the roof and - potentially - to yourself!) Whether you are checking, cleaning or hanging up the Christmas lights, finding an alternative to walking on the roof is always advised. Binoculars are handy for the essential checks we advise here, as is getting in roof maintenance experts like Dallas roofing companies Texas Star Roofing. When it comes to prolonging the life of your roof, it is much better for your wallet if you are proactive rather than reactive. Although easier said than done in the modern world, finding time for your roof really will pay off. A little roof TLC seems a small price to pay for something that keeps you warm and dry, day and night!

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