5 Tips On Preventing Winter Pipe Leaks

Another winter season is upon us, and it is about time we started winterizing our homes, especially since weather forecasters are predicting an especially cold winter in the GTA this year. During winter, our pipes are some of the most affected areas in our homes. With the constant changes in the weather, pipes are bound to expand and contract causing stress, cracks, and leaks. Later, when the pipes become too weak for the fluctuating temperatures, they burst and cause a lot of damage. This can be avoided by implementing the following pipe leak prevention tips.

Insulation of Pipes

Insulation of pipes ahead of winter can go a long way in preventing frozen pipes, which later leads to cracking of the pipes. Insulation of pipes can be done easily with the purchase of insulation sleeves from local stores. You can wrap your exterior pipes with electrical insulation while the interior pipes will do just great with a fiberglass insulation. However, if you don’t have the time or energy, you can always call in a professional to give you the results you’re looking for. If you live in the GTA, WaterWorks Canada can help you prepare for a harsh winter with the right tools and professional service.

Leave Cabinets Open

Most constructions have kitchen sinks located on the outside wall. This increases the vulnerability of pipes to the cold air coming from the outside. To prevent this, it is important that you leave your cabinets open. This allows warm air from the house to enter the cabinets, warming up your pipes and preventing freezing.

Remove and Store your Outdoor Hoses and Insulate your Faucets

Before winter comes, remove hoses and store them in your garage. Leaving them outside will make them vulnerable to freezing. Also, do not forget to turn off your outdoor sprinklers and faucets. For added protection, invest in an insulation for your faucets — even wrapping them in electrical tape will do in a pinch!

Warm Up your House

Keep your house warm at all times. Regulate your thermostat to 30 degrees Celsius. Particularly, if you plan on being away from your home for a long stretch of days. This will keep water, already in your pipes, warm enough, effectively preventing bursting and leaking.

Maintain a Slow Drip

During the winter season, you want to ensure that there is constant flow of water, where even a tiny amount of drippage can mean the difference between healthy and broken pipes. Maintain a slow drip in your hot and cold water pipes to save on pipe repair and maintenance.

As water damage can be costly, winterizing your pipes is the first major step towards protecting your home during winter. Calling a professional plumber to conduct preventative maintenance is the best way to prepare your pipes to weather the winter season.

If you are looking for professional pipe leak prevention services in Toronto, Ontario, start your search with WaterWorks Plumbing and Drains. Offering affordable water leak prevention services, satisfaction is guaranteed, this GTA business only asks you to pay upon completion of the project and only if you are satisfied by their services.

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