Tribeca Loft - the most magnificent mansion in the world

Located in Tribeca, New York, was designed by the Studio Rivelli Architects practice this is one of the most magnificent mansion in the world and it is currently on sale for the sum of 49.5 million dollars. Although the sum might seem quite high, once you take a look inside you might change your mind. We have seen other projects from this area, most of them apartments and due to the high standard of life here space is often an issue in Manhattan.
Space though is definitely not an issue with this mansion since it spreads over a surface of 30000 square feet with six floors of luxury above the ground and two more below which have living and commercial space. Of course there is also a terrace on the rooftop to give you the best view in the area!
The mansion was built in 1862 and it still maintains the historic elements but it was adapted to the contemporary standards incorporating an elevator, a gym and basketball court in the basement and stylish interiors that ensure every comfort. The furniture is hardwood with a lot of book shelves, an impressive living area acting as an art gallery and a large fully equipped kitchen.

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