Six Interior Design Trends You Need Consider During Your Next Home Renovation

When it comes to redecorating your home, you probably don’t want to do it too often: it’s expensive, time-consuming, and causes a lot of stress to your daily routines and habits. So, when you do redecorate, you need to choose styles, trends and designs that are going to keep you happy for a long time. Making rushed decisions and random buys might be easy and fun in the short term, but you can guarantee that you’ll be bored of it and annoyed with yourself within a few months – or even weeks. Likewise, this means you won’t want to follow trends to the letter: while you can update your wardrobe, and replace any off-trend items regularly, it’s not easy with interior design.

Luckily, décor trends don’t change that often. When they do, it’s always for a good reason – and it’ll always be a change worth making. So, here’s the top five trends to keep an eye out for, the next time you choose to renovate.

Elegant, elaborate lighting

Lights aren’t just a functional aspect of a room anymore. They’re here to be used and admired now, so push the boat out the next time you replace yours. You could go for the ultra-traditional look, with ornate chandeliers – or buy LED chandeliers to save on costs but not style. Or, try feature pieces in the form of free-standing floor lights.

Mixing up styles

If you don’t want to fully redecorate your home, but you do fancy freshening up the style a bit, then this trend is for you. Pairing up pieces from the same era is out – and mixing styles is in in a big way. So, pair up that antique rocking chair with your ultra-modern, minimalist desk. Unique is in – so enjoy it.

Matte and marble

When it comes to finishes, faux is the way to go. This doesn’t just mean faux fur anymore, either. From marble to ceramic, the look is more important than the actual material. If you can afford the real thing, then go for it: marble counter tops will be flooding into kitchens over the next few years. When it comes to metal finishes, brushed is out. Choose matte metal wherever possible, to give your home a sleek, demure look.

Bright colors

The days of endless beige and magnolia walls and furniture are over. Or they’re partly over, at least. Bright jewel-like colors are on back in, so get accessorizing with bold colored cushions and blankets.

Smart home features

You’ll definitely want to invest in smart home features if you use a smartphone. Amazon Echo is a good place to start, but if you want to use more advanced technology, check out the appliances and apps in this post.

Space-saving furniture and appliances

Those of you with small homes, rejoice! The days of bulky, oversized furniture are on their way out. Minimalism is growing in popularity, and making the lives of many city-dwellers much easier. Use your space in the most appealing way possible – don’t crowd it with large couches. Likewise, appliances that fold up and hide away are all the rage for using in kitchens. So, you can save yourself some space and stay on-trend at the same time.

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