How to Choose the Best Solar Installer? 5 Valuable Tips

Renewable energy is gaining popularity all in a bid to save on energy costs and to keep the environment as clean as possible thus reducing the effects of climate change. The most common form is solar power since it is more portable and can be generated even in a domestic set up.

The process of having solar energy in your home begins from choosing a solar unit depending on your needs and budget and the final stage is getting it installed into your home. Proper installation will determine how efficient your system functions in the long run. A small mishap in the wiring may cause an electrical fault which may lead to a fire or electrocution. Getting the right person for the job will erase all these troubles and ensure that you start your clean energy journey on the right footing.

1. Find out all you can about solar first

It may seem like a straightforward thing but it is not always like that for everybody. Take time to do some research and take as many notes as you can. Find out all the basics and identify what it is you don’t quite understand. Basics include how solar energy is generated, how the devices work and how it is fed into your home for you to enjoy its services. Find out the advantages and disadvantages and any other benefits you stand to gain.

2. Prepare your questionnaire

From what you don’t understand and what you would like more information on you can prepare a list of questions. These questions you will pose to your prospective installer so that you know how much they know their field. Do you know how you would like to go about the payment process? Any specific features you would like? These questions and more will also allow you to understand what exactly you are getting into as you seek renewable energy.

3. What are people saying?

Installers are in business and they will definitely promote their services to every possible client. This does not mean that they will provide the exact services that you need. You should therefore ask around about the different installers that you have encountered or know about and find out what people think of them.

You can also look for online reviews about them since most people are brutally honest on the internet. You are bound to find very useful information using these different avenues.

4. Compare prices

Different people have different prices and they will have their reasons for this. This does not mean that you should pay an arm and a leg just to get your solar panel installed. Ask for solar quotes from the different installers that you have identified and compare the prices. Take a look at the package they are each offering so that your analysis is not based solely on the price tag but on all the benefits that you stand to gain.

5. Incentives in your area

Most states have some sort of incentive or rebates that puts money back into your pocket once you begin using your solar power unit. The system ends up paying for itself and it may take a shorter time to repay its value in full.

Find out from the authorities in your state whether there is any such plan and what the terms are. These programs are all aimed at encouraging people to move to solar energy for their regular energy consumption needs.

There is a scheme that provides you with a chance to save on the upfront costs that you incur before installing the solar panels. You can also sell the extra solar energy that you generate to the government via the ‘solar feed-in tariff’ and make more money on the side as you continue not paying any energy bills. Going solar may be on the top of many people’s lists and as much as there is a lot of hype around it, take your time to find out more information about it. Do not walk blindly into it and this means you should involve experts at every stage. Installers should be certified so that you are sure of the kind of work that they will do on your solar unit.

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