Four Renovations to Consider When Selling Your Home

Splashing out on home improvements is one sure way to add value and attractiveness to your home if you are trying to sell. Maybe your kitchen or bathroom is looking a little tired, or you’d like to add more space to your property to make it more attractive to buyers with large families. Home renovations not only make your home a more enjoyable place to live for you and other families, they also increase the market value of your home and put you in a better position to compete with other similar homes for sale in the area. If you’re considering selling your home and want to make some improvements to it, here are the top ones to consider.

A Conservatory

Having a conservatory added to the back of your home is one of the home renovation projects that can bring with it the highest rate of return. Buyers tend to be more attracted to homes with conservatories, as it provides them with an extra room for living in and for storage, however the appeal with a conservatory is that it makes an excellent area of the home during the summer.

Garden Renovations

It is easy to forget about your garden and the exterior areas of your home whilst you are focusing so hard on making sure that the interior is perfect to buyers. However, what’s important to remember is that your garden is the first thing that buyers will see when they pull up at the front of your home to view it. No matter how amazing your home may be on the inside, if your garden is overgrown and unkempt it can make a bad first impression on potential buyers and even put them off making an offer.

Extra Room Extension

If you think that your property could benefit from a bit more room, adding an extension or converting a garage can be an excellent way to do this, as well as adding value to your home. Adding an extension could mean that your home has an extra bedroom, or you could use the room as another living room, dining room, storage room or study. When it comes to adding extensions to your home, size restrictions do apply – however a reputable building company such as Georgian Home Renovations will be able to ensure that all of the different restrictions are met.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and your kitchen may well be the first room that a potential buyer wants to look at when they are viewing the property. Many buyers replace the kitchen first, in order to put their own personal stamp on a property. However, if you are able to provide them with a new, modern and attractive space right from the very start, many buyers will be willing to pay more for the home as they will save money on kitchen renovations and remodelling. Which renovations do you think are the best for adding value to your home? Let us know in the comments.

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