Amazing sporting club architecture design by the Laboratorio Di Architettura e Design

Located inside the woods of a garden city right at the edge of Rome in Italy, the Olgiata Sporting Club is created by the Laboratorio Di Architettura e Design (LAD) in 2010.
The project has three different pavilions which host the programs of the Sporting Club, with the central one containing the administrative center as well as the entrance into the complex leading the way through the other areas via the main staircase.
 The lower level is where the locker rooms are and there are two pavilions, the south one containing the gyms and the north one hosting the swimming pools. You can access the different areas through different paths so that each section is somewhat autonomous and aside from the indoors, there are also football fields, tennis courts and a beach-volley court outside.
The structure is comprised of zink-titanium by Rheinzink for the roof and the beams are made of glulam which was created by Holzbau in Italy.

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