Spring Maintenance Tasks You Need to Start Considering

Spring is the season of renewal, so there really is no better time to start some maintenance tasks around your home that will keep your property looking its best. When it comes to spring maintenance, though, it’s a great idea to have your HOA take a look at your house’s exterior, from the roof all the way to the foundation, to make sure everything is in ideal condition for the upcoming summer season. Continue reading to learn more.

Look for Damages Caused by the Winter

The winter season can be brutal on your home, so the spring is the perfect opportunity to see if there has been any damage left behind from the wind, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures your house had to endure.

A good place to start is by looking at the roof, which you can do surprisingly easily using binoculars rather than climbing up to it. You should keep an eye out for missing, curled, or loose shingles, damaged or bent flashing surrounding your chimney or any points where the house makes contact with the roof.

Also make it a point to clean the downspouts and gutters of debris that may have collected over the course of the previous season, as the spring showers will cause problems if you don’t. And, finally, inspect the chimney and foundation of your home, repairing crumbles and cracks you find along the way so you can prevent bigger problems later on.

Touch Up Your Home’s Exterior Paint

In addition to doing some spring cleaning indoors and perhaps even revamping a room or two with a fresh coat of paint, you can go a step further and maintain the appearance of your home’s exterior this spring. After all, the paint on the outside of your home is exposed to all of the elements, and the winter is a harsh season that really takes its toll on the paint of your house, your sheds, and your fences.

Take a bit of time to look for any areas that need to be retouched. Applying a fresh coat of paint will ensure that every part of your home looks fresh and new, and will also prevent long-term damage. Also, to prevent having to revisit this aspect of your maintenance plan every single year, you should follow the steps to prep, prime, and repaint with the best products for long lasting results.

Spruce Up Your Landscaping

The great thing about working with an HOA like https://www.communityassociationmanagement.com is the fact that they can hire landscaping professionals who can make your property look its best throughout every season of the year.

Springtime is the perfect opportunity to remove overhanging branches, as well as those that are damaged or dead, in order to make way for new growth. Again, experts will have the tools necessary to get this type of work done right and to ensure the plants on your property grow their best.

If you keep the above tips in mind and you work with your HOA, you can be certain that you’re doing everything you can this spring to ensure that your home will look fantastic.

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