Relaxing with cozy little kitchens named CK kwadrat

You can sip on the coffee and read the book perhaps even poetry to relax in the next morning with a cozy little kitchen.
The best kitchens are those that go beyond the confines of utility, and become a space of comfort, like this one has done. Though with limited space, this kitchen CK kwadrat, is for those with large hearts—a black, chalkboard-styled wall with quotes adds funkiness to this space, while the small mirrors are an unconventional wall decoration. The rest of the walls of a turquoise color compliment the flowery kitchen tiles beneath one’s feet, keeping the room beaming with joy even after the sun sets.
Yet the center of attention in this kitchen are unarguably the kitchen cabinets. The use of light colored wood for the countertops and shelving within the cabinets makes for the most modern, simple and useful kitchen imaginable. There is no need for drawers or clutter—these cabinets offer discreet storage and visible decor at once, transforming your coffee cups and mundane cookbooks into cheerful accents of the kitchen. Objects such as the sink and oven do not interfere with the integrity of this simple kitchen either; they are white to match the cabinets and fully built-in.
It’s clear that this kitchen calls for home-cooked, family meals—with an irresistibly cute kitchen like this, cooking becomes a wonderful pastime. Black, matte lamps hang from the simple white tables that occupy this room. And a single window does not stop this kitchen from being bright and colorful, as a beautiful, linoleum headboard keeps the table area looking clean and modern, contrasting the turquoise wall. Of course, an alternative style shown in several of these images reveals that a square wooden table for two is just as good of an idea for those romantic nights with wine and fine dining.

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