One of the most attractive apartment designed by Dupuis design in California

 This is the great apartment I have ever seen. I have ttracted by the design, the interior arrangement and the color of this apartment. It is developed by Dupuis Design in San Clemente, California, USA.
The very modern Californian-style home plays with transparency, as it features customized bay windows that offer views of the ocean, the islands and the magnificent Californian sunset. Its interior is curved and rounded, contrasting with the quite geometrical exterior.
The house was designed for maximum security in the event of an earthquake or other land movements thanks to a concrete and metal foundation, implanted very deeply into the ground. Outstandingly sensitive to ecological constraints, Peggy Dupuis designed the whole home based on a model of very low-energy consumption. Have a look at the video below for an insight on the creative process behind this project and let us know what you think!
The decoration and furnishings are simple, blending white, anthracite grey and black, with a touch of light-colored wood.The play between light and transparency cen be observed everywhere thanks to the materials employed. These pave the way for a Zen garden and a saltwater swimming pool with a grey bottom.
Bordered in red brick, the swimming pool is reflected onto the many façades of the building. One of the focal points of this house is a high load-bearing wall painted red with a sandstorm effect, which is visible from the entryway. A clever set of window openings, glass doors and skylights provide natural air conditioning, circulating throughout the rooms.

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