One beautiful restaurant design in Mexico

La Grelha is the name of a Restaurant located in Jalisco in Mexico and designed by the practice of Hernandez Silva Architects.
The name of this restaurant actually comes from Portuguese and it means barbecue and the designers tried to offer the roasting motif to the project through the use of color, light and shape. Standing on a high terrace and covered by a flat roof, the interior and exterior are both covered in wood. The service area is defined through white walls, while the entrance greets you with the firm’s logo and introduces you to a waiting room.
The use of open space and light wood lets the interior seem clear and warm and there is a central bar which divides the space in two areas one towards the street for the clients that are waiting for more people and a more intimate section that overviews the small park and natural vegetation nearby. This is also where the smoker’s lounge is situated.
The materials used were simple, pine wood, quarry flooring and red glass for the lighting thus offering a local ambiance without using a large budget.

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