Tastemaking with a Twist-Pop Art Radiators as Home Décor

Nothing can be as boring and mundane as home heating units. Perhaps there is something but from an interior design perspective I can’t think of anything as drab and purely functional, especially here in the United States where baseboard heating has been the most prevalent form of heating for years. Yes, baseboard. There is nothing, absolutely nothing glamorous about baseboard heating and what it does to a room is a totally different story. Until stumbling across Warm Rooms, I had little hope for finding heating options with functionality, efficiency and style.

Pop Art Colors Schemes

What a joy it is to be able to choose from the various vibrant color options that are available in the world of radiators. You can have a room that is literally all white or all black and you can utilize your vertical radiator units as pop art design elements. Vivid hues of red, yellow, blue or any other colors that set your heart and soul on fire breathe life into a dark, drab or otherwise boring room. Pops of colors are a great way to add simple but noticeable design elements to any living space whether personal or business. 

Vertical Design Radiator Panels as Wall Décor

There are some stunning options out there when it comes to radiator units as wall décor. You can literally find vertical radiator units that you can mount on your wall that look as if they are artwork in and of themselves. What a genius way to marry style and function. There are some Italian manufacturers that offer beautiful designs that can fit any style home. From traditional design, to contemporary, modern or combinations, the options online are truly endless. There are different sizes and shapes to choose from as well as all different types of materials and finishes like stainless steel, chrome, and anthracite finishes. From super sleek curved panels, to long and super slim vertical wall mounts there is something for all taste and styles. Having a specific design theme in mind prior to setting out on your search is the best plan of attack. If you have an idea of what you are looking for the selection process will be that much quicker and that much easier.

Choosing Your Colors

This sounds super simple but in reality selecting the right color scheme for your room is not as easy as it sounds. There are so many things to take into consideration such as the color of the existing design elements in the room such as wall décor, throw pillows, area rugs, etc. If you are working with a monotone room choosing a color for your radiators will be simple but if you are already working with a room filled with color you are going to have to select carefully. You don’t want to have the colors of the radiators so overbearing that they take over the entire focal point of the room. A good rule of thumb is to remember that they should be adding pops of color and complimenting the style and other design elements that already exist in your home.

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