Original and breathtaking retreat overlooking the majestic Pyrenees

Overlooking the majestic Pyrenees, a range of mountains in southwest Europe that forms a natural border between France and Spain, this original and breathtaking retreat offers any visitor a great opportunity to admire marvellous views of the hilly landscape and peaceful nature from surrounding fields and meadows. Situated in a small village of La Cerdanya, Spain, this natural paradise is known as one of the most imposing works of the talented architectural team at Dom Arquitectura. 

The retreat was successfully transformed from a haystack, a barn, a warehouse and a small house into a striking home and several guest pavilions.

According to the architects, they had to “keep the volumes of the existing buildings, rehabilitating their facades and roofs and redistributing all interior spaces. 

The old haystack is now a large open space for socializing. It has been renovated keeping the old trusses that supported the roof. 

Inside the house, several rooms and guests living areas have stone walls, wood coating and iron elements preserved from the old buildings. 

The idea was to create large spaces, where the surroundings views become part of the interior.

[Photos and information provided via e-mail by Dom Arquitectura]

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