How to Create Vintage Looks in Your Home

At the moment, there are quite a few modern home decor trends that are popular. Think monochrome or scandi styles for example. They are styles that people are getting quickly bored of, though. They look good for a little while but it can easily become outdated. It can hard to keep up with too. Imagine trying to keep an all white room pristine and crisp, when it is a nursery for your toddler? Not going to happen. So they can look great. They just aren’t that practical. One look that is always a winner, is choosing a vintage look. It is easier to maintain and you won’t need to get a whole lot of new furniture for it either. So it makes it a more affordable option than other styles. It is more feminine as well as being sweet and charming. So here are some tips for creating the vintage look in your own home.

Make Things Yourself

The vintage look isn’t all about having lots of technology or modern accessories. So one way to create the vintage look in your home is to make some of the accessories yourself. How about making your own curtains? You could update some that you have already. You could add new stitching or applique some netting or beading on to them. You could hang some lace over your window, to create a vintage style lace blind. You could try making your own photo frames or word art for your walls. There are a lot of possibilities of things that you could create yourself. It is a lovely way to decorate in the home and will leave you feeling happy that you created it all. Rather than just buying it all.

Upcycle Furniture

One way to get the vintage look is by upcycling furniture. You could update chair cushions by altering the material and then reapplying it. You could sand down something like a dresser or a sideboard. Then you could repaint it to update it. Lighter colors work well for the vintage look. White or cream coloured furniture, that has been distressed slightly works well. Pastel colours also add to the look and can look so pretty. Try not to go for deep, bold colors like navy or reds. If you wanted something that isn’t as plain, you could use something like mod podge to stick patterned fabrics or papers to the furniture. If you have a bookshelf, you could attach them to the shelves, so you see a pattern through the books. You could attach them to the front of a chest of drawers, to add a different dimension to the drawers.

If you already have some furniture to update, then great. Have a look around and get creative. If you don’t, you could look around some oak furniture stores to choose something. Real wood furniture is the best to upcycle and alter. 

Style with Florals

Florals scream vintage and retro, right? So make sure that you use plenty of it. It doesn’t all need to be the in the same room of course. Just add touches of it, with throws, tablecloths, and soft furnishings. Having actual fresh flowers helps to channel the vintage vibe. Think classic roses or something like peonies. They just ooze style and are full of color. They will compliment the colors that you have in your home too.

Think About Accessories

Accessories are key to completing the vintage look. If you have a French style dresser, think about getting some mirrored trays or mirrored storage boxes. You can buy these things in the stores that you would normally shop at. You can also get them from thrift stores too. Then they will be real vintage too. So pretty much perfect for trying to achieve a vintage look. Change up drawer pulls or door knobs for pretty and detailed ones. They will change the look of the furniture and be channelling the retro vibe.

Photo frames and little trinkets are big for a retro theme. If you have shelving or a dresser, fill it with little retro trinkets, vases or photo frames. Go for different sizes and styles. When things are mismatched or eclectic, it looks much more vintage. Frames or mirrors that are uniform do not help to create the look.

Have you got any tips or advice for styling a vintage look in the home? Is it a look that you like? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this and what tips you might have.

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