The inviting Waverley Street House in Perth, Australia

Named Waverley Street House, this inviting family home situated in Perth, the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia, is known as an inspiring work of the talented architectural team at Klopper & Davis Architects. Successfully converted from a small bungalow into a modern and inviting family home, the Waverley Street House offers the owners a comfortable and exciting living area with fascinating natural surroundings, rich wood design elements and many other eco-friendly materials. 

According to the developers, “The masonry existing home was visually enhanced and complemented by Pacific Teak timber cladding both internally and externally.

The home is located “on a laneway to re-orient access and casual urban interaction towards this lane. 

This includes moving the front door around the house and off the lane, and providing a broad open window to the lane encouraging interaction with the neighborhood.

[Photography by Jody D’Arcy]

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