Interior Design Tricks For Small Homes

It can be hard to find the perfect interior design ideas for small homes. Some items of furniture are too large and bulky, whilst others just don’t seem to work in the space that you’ve got.

Here you can find a few handy tricks for creating the illusion of space and giving you a large, more practical area to live in. Some of these tricks can be easily implemented whilst others will require more expansive renovations.

Trick No.1

Many larger furniture and interiors stores now offer space saving options within their furniture ranges. Places like Ikea have a whole collection of practical storage and work options.

For those who also work from home, they have a good selection of foldable desks and storage options. The Kallax (formerly Expedit) range is a popular choice for modern homeowners.

It is easy to find furniture that collapses, or that provides a multi-function option. Look for ways to save space by thinking about how the things most, could be better positioned for more functional use. For example, a practical coffee table could reveal further seating options if cleverly designed.

Trick No. 2

Avoid creating too much clutter. You should be thinking about home safety and high quality fire protection systems if you fill your design space with quite a few electronic items or vast amounts of furniture.

Look for bedroom furniture and beds that have built-in storage options. This will help you create a more open and liveable space without putting all of your things into storage.

Trick No. 3

Shelving and display options are a good way to make use of wasted wall space that is higher up on your walls. This area always gets forgotten about!

Think about creating a feature wall in your home and filling it with shelving for books and a selection of pictures to add interest. You could also paint it and use color blocking to make a real design statement.

You could even go completely overboard and line all of the walls in one of your rooms, with neutral colored shelving. This way they wouldn’t stand out or look obvious and could be used to place trinkets, books or whatever you choose.

Trick No.4

Consider getting handy with the sledgehammer and knocking down a wall that is not a structural load-bearing wall.

You could merge two small rooms into one larger room and double your living space. Most builders will give you a quick, reasonable quote on something like this after taking just a few measurements.

Trick No. 5

Moveable features are important to any home that is short on space. Ensuring that your furniture and shelving units are on wheels will mean that you can reposition it to suit any occasion.

For example, if you need to host a dinner party, you could push some of the furniture to the outside of the rooms to fit more people around the table.

Just remember that with a little bit of creativity and a lot of imagination, anything is possible to achieve in small homes or workplaces.

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