Inspired from the interior of a loft aparment in Milan, Italy

A factory had been transformed into a loft apartment in Milan, Italy. It was called the Twin Loft and was designed by the practice of Federico Delrosso Architects as a space with two structurally identical volumes that make the name of the project obvious. 
The twin lofts have a similar design of the interior spaces but the details such as the furnishings, materials or colors have an intertwining aesthetic that gives each volume its individuality.
The ground floor hosts the hallways with mirrors on the walls, an opening toward the private garden, the kitchen and a table with high seating. This level is connected with the upper one through a staircase and there is also a bathroom here.

The second floor hosts the bedrooms, wardrobe and bathroom and the top level has an attic which is designed as a guest room and there is also a wellness space with a private gym.
Each of these spaces has been designed to offer a similar but yet different interior so that the tables are placed on opposite sides, the staircases are imposing in one loft and subtle in the other one. The first floor of one loft offers a glass flooring to connect with the kitchen underneath while the other one offers glimpses of the shower and staircase of the ground floor.

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