6 Great Tips to Help You Choose the Best Windows for Your New Home

Great Tips to Help You Choose the Best Windows for Your New Home
If you are designing your new home, you will need to pay careful attention to the details of the windows you chose; especially as your windows will cover such a large area of your home's structure. Not all windows are a one size fits all solution, so here are a few things you will need to consider before your window purchase


The aesthetics of your windows are incredibly important, and the wrong choice could ruin the overall look of your property. Pay attention in particular to the architectural style you have chosen and stick to that style. Mixing Tudor style windows with a minimalist architectural design will not give you the best look, so decide on your window styling along with the home itself. Your architect will be able to point you in the right direction, so listen to him and look at examples of similar houses and the windows they have.


Your windows will be one of the largest areas to lose heat or let in the cold, and insulating your home is very important economically as well as ecologically. You are not limited to installing double glazing as you can also use thermal insulating glass, and you can also use your window coverings to act as an extra insulating layer too. Tinted windows are also a good choice if your home will be open to direct sunlight throughout the day.


Maintenance of your window casings will ensure that they last a long time and will not cause insulation problems in the future; and this is where material choice can be important. Wood frames often add a lot of character to a home, but maintenance for wooden windows is high, and they will need treating and coating every year to keep them in tip top condition. UPVC may not be as attractive, but it is very low maintenance, and the days of only having white windows are long gone as there is now a large range of colours (and even textures) available. Metal is a great choice, as it will only need painting, if you are going for large glass panels because of its strength, but it can bring the cold into the house as it conducts the cold.


You windows not only let the light into your home, they also invite prying eyes. If your home is set back off the road, then this may not be a problem, but if you are in public view you will need to consider some privacy. Reflective glass finishes will give you the option of looking out while stopping people looking in, and tinted windows can have a similar effect, while opaque glass could be used in certain circumstance. Relying on your window coverings for privacy is not advisable as they will stop the sunlight entering your room and will mean you cannot see out during the day.


Without security your windows are the perfect place for criminals to enter your home, so keep your windows secure at all times. Deadlocks can be fitted, and your windows should have a key locking system too. Secondary locking mechanisms are easy to have fitted, and for complete security during the nights and while your home is empty, you should consider fitting roller shutters

Window Operation

Windows are available with many types of opening systems, and is something you will also need to consider. Sliding windows are great if there is limited room to open your widow outwards, while centre hung windows allow for great ventilation if there is space to allow them to be opened fully. Windows that let the top slide down rather than the bottom sliding up are a great choice if you are going to worry about young children falling out of your home, and will also create a nice breeze through your property. Choosing the right windows is vital for your home, and hopefully these tips will help you make the right choice. If you do make a mistake, it can be very costly to put it right.

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