The special combination in the Flagship showroom of

The new Flagship showroom of a website selling bespoke or designer furniture directly from the manufacturers is designed in 2015 by the Bureau de Change architectural practice. The project is located  in Soho, London, England.
The purpose and overall concept of a showroom is integrate the latest technology so that the customer experience would be truly improved with a combination of museum-like setting and high tech features.

The project is in one of the busiest shopping districts of the continent and thus the space had to make an impact from first glance. The glazing into the showroom acts as an intricate permanent installation that shows the products and there are ten windows defining the three dimensional settings for some of the most iconic pieces of Made.
The room sets are connected through a network of white walls and they are curved to be explored in a manner similar to reading a book. Large format projection equipment improves the overall flexibility since it permits multiple product combinations created on the spot.

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