The Advantages of Full-Time RV Living

If you’ve ever owned or been on a road trip in an RV, you will know how much fun it can be. RV holidays and trips are popular with families, friends, and retirees alike. Traveling in an RV means you get all the comforts of home and all the freedom of not being tied down by hotel bookings and flight times. Some people choose to take this further and make RVing a full-time thing. Here are the advantages of tiny house living.


Living in your RV means you are free to go wherever you want. You don’t need to wait for holidays or travel bookings. You can literally wake up and decide you want to visit somewhere across the country and get going. It’s even better if you are retired or work from home. 


How often do we complain about the weather? Living in an RV means this is no longer an issue. You can spend the year following the sun around the country. Or, if it gets too hot, drive somewhere cooler for a break.

Easy to Maintain

An RV is much easier to clean than a house and you won’t have a garden to maintain. Yes, there will be essential maintenance and things can go wrong. But, this is also true of your car and home appliances. If your RV gets a lot of use, take it for regular services to keep it in top shape.


You might be surprised at how much flexibility comes with the décor of your RV. Tiny house living doesn’t mean you need to be boring and plain. There is more than ever available in terms of appliances, decoration, and home comforts for your RV.

Time Outdoors

Living in an RV encourages you to spend more time outside. You’ll want to explore when you park up in a new location. But, you’ll also want to spend your evenings sitting outside under your awning looking out at the stars.

No Nasty Neighbors

Bad neighbors can easily ruin a perfectly lovely home. Sometimes new neighbors can even destroy the atmosphere of a home you’ve spent your whole life in. This doesn’t happen when you live in your RV. If you don’t like your neighbors, just move somewhere else.


When you live in a house, you spend your life visiting the same local places, doing the odd bit of sightseeing when you are on holiday. Your experiences of the world are hugely limited. In an RV, there is nothing to stop you. You’ll visit new places, make new friends, visit family you haven’t seen for years, and go to places you’ve always dreamed of. You will also have fantastic, unplanned fun when you least expect it.

Living in your RV can dramatically improve your quality of life. Especially as you get older. It gives you the freedom to spend more time doing what you want. You’ll see more of your family, get more fresh air and exercise, and generally get more enjoyment from life. So, why not get on the road today?

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