DIY Loft Conversions - 5 Things to Remember

When planning a loft conversion, there are some homeowners who are looking at the difference in cost between having a contractor do the work and undergoing a DIY project. It is logical, especially in today’s economy, to try to save a few pounds whenever and wherever possible, but is it logical to think you can do all of the work by yourself without the help of professionals? Here are five things to remember if you are looking at a DIY loft conversion project.

1. Building Regulations Approval

What you will need to do, even before going to all the trouble of calculating costs and designing your new living space in your loft is to check Building Regulations and organise a proper inspection to ensure that the loft is structurally safe for a conversion.

2. Everything Will Probably Need to Be Removed

Some homeowners forget to take into consideration all the ‘stuff’ that has collected in a loft over the years. Great Aunt Tillie’s pedal operated sewing machine and family pictures dating back generations are just sitting there gathering dust. Once you’ve gained the proper permissions and have all of your design and building plans in place, it’s time to look for long-term self storage units that are available with 24/7 access. You will most likely be bringing things in and out at all hours of the day and night if you are undergoing a DIY project because you will be working around your hours of employment. 

3. Structural Changes to the Roof May Be Required

A loft is actually considered to be part of the roofing structure of your home, so if there are any structural changes such as timber reinforcements that need to be made, you will need to hire the services of a professional roofer. 

4. Electrical Wiring Also Requires a Professional

It is safe to assume that electrical wires will need to be run prior to installing the walls and ceiling. This is where you will need to remember to hire a licenced electrician to do the wiring and add circuits to your consumer unit box if necessary. At the very least, a licenced electrician will need to inspect and sign off on any work being done because of legislation and other safety issues, which government takes very, very seriously.

5. Ask for Help When You Need It

Finally, always ask for help when you need it. Don’t think that you can do everything by yourself because sometimes it’s just not humanly possible. Many DIYers have suffered back strains, heart attacks and other injuries because they, as the old saying goes, bit off more than they could chew and were reluctant to ask for help.

Undergoing a DIY loft conversion can be if you remember to take the above five things to remember into consideration. Get proper permissions and professional help where necessary and the rest you can safely have a go at. Have fun building your new loft, but above all, stay safe!

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