The History of Bed Sheets no one had told before

Now-a-days we use to take bed lined like bed sheets, pillows and mattress for granted as people have not always had access to the comfortable and cozy Bed Linen. Today we buy bed sheets as often as season change.

Just imagine an early man who use to sleep on the cold hard ground. At times they use to sleep on the pile of leaves, straws and twigs. Later the idea of elevated sleeping platform emerged. Almost 3000 years ago, Egyptians explored that sleeping on the surface that has been raised off from the ground is much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. This lead to the necessity of bed, bed sheets, mattresses and pillows.

If we take a flash back of the early man, the picture is clear that early man has no concept of bedding. They use leaves, straws and sometimes fur and animal skin to keep them warm and to make their sleep comfortable.

Often animal skins were used as pile of leave’s cover. This became the idea of bed sheets to cover the sleeping place. Bed sheets became very famous very after its invention as this rectangular cloth not only help to cover the mattress but also gives a neat and comfortable feel while sleeping. The history of a bed sheet is as old as is the fabric weaving.

As flax is among the oldest plants useful for textile production, linen ultimately was on the list of first fabrics bed sheets were made of. Hence the term bed linen or simply sheets. This term is utilized today to describe anything used as bedding accessory. Linen is perfect for being used as bed sheets, even more than cotton, because its nature becomes softer as we use more traditional bed sheets are mostly white in color.

From that era to now, there is a beautiful transformation of bed sheets as now they are not only to cover the mattress or bed but they also serve to beautify the room. The available colors and designs are absolutely delightful and they are sure to double the charm of your bedroom. Today the bed sheets are available according to the bed sizes, weather condition and in many colors and designs to match the theme of your room. You can easily buy a bed sheet online with as many options as you like. Thanks to the Egyptians and thethought of elevated beds.

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